Relocating brings about challenges for any business office, especially during moving days. With many things to consider before starting in a new location, staying productive during an office move is crucial so that your employees, customers, and other business partners can transition smoothly with your company. Downtime often causes trouble regarding a company’s finances and objectives. 

However, you can use tips to maintain productivity throughout the transition. At American Moving & Installation, our woman-owned commercial moving union company helps businesses plan and complete their relocation with less downtime and more productivity. Continue reading to learn five tips for maintaining productivity during your office move. 

What Makes an Office Productive While Relocating? 

Regardless of your company’s industry, needing downtime may be detrimental to the productivity of your employees. Moving is a process, and your office needs structure and planning to relocate successfully. Here are a few tips for maintaining office productivity while moving. 

1. Early Planning and Strategizing 

When planning and streamlining your office move, it may seem stressful to handle all the components of a successful relocation. Planning early with budget allocations, notifying customers, and other aspects of maintaining your business through the transition, you will find that your day-to-day office remains productive. 

Here are some aspects of good relocation planning:

  • Create a budget 
  • Organize a team 
  • Set a timeline 
  • Determine important dates 
  • Leave room for flexibility 

Leading a company requires organization and responsibility regardless of where your office is located. By following a set timeline and strategizing before moving your company, you’ll feel at ease once your needs begin falling into place. Our move management services in Boston and Cambridge have helped various companies limit downtime and execute a successful business office relocation. 

2. Communication with Employees and Business Partners

Effective communication is essential when it comes to a business. Creating an open line of communication between corporate personnel, business partners, and employees about when the moving process is starting and when it is projected to be completed will give your team the time to get on board and prepare for their part in the transition. Without good communication or room for any questions, you may be setting up some delays down the road. 

Each person in a business or company is crucial for business success and productivity, especially while starting in new locations and preparing to leave an old office layout behind. Transitioning to a new site also offers employment opportunities for growth and helps keep employees motivated. Lessening employee turnover during a move helps boost your business productivity. 

3. Keep Customers and Clients Informed 

In addition to creating an open line of communication with employees and other essential personnel, keeping customers and clients informed is very important. Many companies lose clients and customers due to a lack of customer notification and not preparing a company for relocation. Your clients can remain productive and easily transition to a new location by retaining your customers. Client communication is a sign of excellent customer service and plays a valuable role in a company’s success. 

4. Hire a Professional Commercial Moving Union Company 

One of the most pivotal decisions a company owner can make when establishing the steps for moving their office is to hire a professional commercial moving union company. With so many vital components to consider in an office move, trusting professionals with years of experience and trained movers will keep you at ease. At the same time, your focus remains on your team and the company’s success. 

5. Assign Roles and Responsibilities during the Move 

An essential part of maintaining productivity is setting roles, responsibilities, and expectations with your entire team. Starting with the most important tasks or business needs, you can discuss the expectations down the line. When each employee is aware of their role while relocating, there is less confusion and room for error. Your team can remain productive even on moving days by discussing the best ways to manage communication and creating a game plan for meeting deadlines.  

Keep Your Office Relocation Productive in the Boston and Cambridge Area with American Moving & Installation

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