On-going relocations (internal and external) along with installations, daily service work and storage: 

  • Set up 2 regional offices 
  • Relocated home office from 30,000 sq ft to 39,000 sq ft 
  • Wanted to use woman-owned vendor 

This year, after our new contract was awarded, I had to set up 2 new regional offices and relocate our home office from 30,000 sq ft to 39,000 sq ft. The company I work for asked that we use woman owned vendors and I came across American Moving & Installation, Inc. What a wonderful surprise this has turned out to be.

I met Kathleen Rowell and crew and we instantly hit it off. Their knowledge and expertise are immeasurable and I relied on them for each move. To my immense relief, each move was a smooth transition for all our staff. The move crew was extremely patient and helpful and our executive team was very pleased.

We will use American Moving & Installation, Inc. for all our moves. I have had such a great experience with Kathleen that I have referred her company to everyone I know that required moving and installation services.

Rosemary, Facilities Manager