There are many advantages for a moving company to be affiliated with National Van Lines; commercial moving is not necessarily one of them.

Although these National companies have offices in many large arenas, their office in Boston may be excellent at commercial moves while their office in Chicago may have no experience at all in accomplishing commercial moves. Because of their Van Lines affiliation, they are forced to use an inferior crew for your commercial move in Chicago.

If your company has a National footprint, you should be demanding “Best in Market” services in every location. This is accomplished by a mover who has taken the time and effort to establish key partners in every market regardless of Van affiliation.

By establishing these reciprocal agreements nationwide, your mover has assured your company of best-in-market services by an established and professional commercial moving company using best practices to ensure an efficient and professional commercial relocation for your employees.

The benefits of using your current mover to coordinate your national moves allows you to have single point of contact with a representative that you know and also produces single source invoicing. Talk to your mover about nationwide moves. If they are sincere about joining your move team, they will have a national platform of capable and professional partners regardless of Van affiliation!

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