If you are a facility or an office manager and you have been tasked with running your company’s move, the best advice you will ever get is don’t do it by yourself!

Create two teams: an internal company team and an external vendor team.

Your internal team should consist of department heads, decision makers, a representative from IT and any other employee that you deem necessary for a successful move. Decisions regarding packing responsibilities, IT disconnect/reconnect, common area assignments, seating assignments, furniture placement and many more are best made in a group environment.

Conduct weekly move committee meetings well in advance of the move in order to ensure that no task has been missed which could jeopardize a successful move. As move day approaches, you will be overwhelmed with tasks and the more you can accomplish pre-move, the smoother your move will be.

Your external team should involve all vendors associated with your move such as the Architects, a Moving Company, a Furniture Company, an Installation Company, the Liquidator and so on. When interviewing these vendors, ensure that they will meet with you on a regular basis to formulate detailed schedules that produce an efficient workflow for your move.

Formulating a team that has a Can Do attitude is crucial to your move success!

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