Unique Offers From Our Cambridge & Boston Commercial Moving Company

Moving your company is no easy feat whether it is 10 employees or 10,000. Our Boston and Cambridge commercial moving company have extensive experience in every type of commercial move including office moves (external and internal), lab moves, higher education, healthcare, hotel/hospitality, libraries, liquidations, and distribution services. We will work diligently to help your company get set up on time and within budget.

Woman-Owned – A Certified WBE

American Moving & Installation Inc. is the only 100% woman-owned, union commercial moving and installation company in the state of Massachusetts. Since our inception in 2009, commitment to diversity has been a top priority for our company. We are certified as a Women Business Enterprise with the Supplier Diversity Office through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and have been awarded Statewide Contract FAC 96.

American has a history of partnerships with companies founded or led by women, such as Re-Stream, O’Mahoney Electrical, Elaine Construction, ezCater, Amundi Pioneer, True-Fit, Building Pathways, Worldwide Freight Management, and Mother Dirt, just to name a few. We are proud to be one of the most successful union, Boston commercial moving companies in the industry that is the only one 100% woman-owned.

Why Buy Women-Owned?

  • You are supporting the growth of the economy

  • You are promoting gender equality in commerce

  • You are investing in women’s economic empowerment

Benefits of Partnering with Women-Owned Businesses:

  • Can provide tax incentives

  • Shows your company’s interest in working with diverse markets

  • Diversifies your suppliers

Union Company

We are partnered with Teamsters Local 25 and were recognized by the Boston Business Journal as one of the largest Boston commercial moving and install companies in the state.

There are several reasons that you may need a union mover:

  • The building owner or management company requires union personnel

  • Your destination building may be designated as union

  • Your building may be partially owned by union investment funds

  • Union construction in any part of your building would most likely require union movers for trade harmony

There are several reasons that you may WANT a union mover:

  • Union movers are trained in their trade to accomplish moves efficiently

  • Union movers spend all day, every day practicing their trade

  • Union movers assure trade harmony

  • Union moving companies have sufficient equipment to successfully accomplish any size move

  • Union movers do not put temporary help on your move

National Service

There are many advantages for a moving company to be affiliated with national van lines, but commercial moving is not necessarily one of them.

While American Moving & Installation Inc. is not national van lines affiliated, we have taken the time and effort to establish key partners in every market, regardless of van affiliation to guarantee “best-in-market” services in each location.

By establishing these reciprocal agreements nationwide, we can assure your company that an established and professional commercial moving company will be using best practices to provide an efficient and professional commercial relocation for your employees.

Nationwide Moves

The benefits of using your current mover to coordinate your national moves allows you to have a single point of contact with a representative that you know and produces single source invoicing. Talk to your mover about nationwide moves. If they are sincere about joining your move team, they will have a national platform of capable and professional partners regardless of van affiliation!

AMI Commercial Moving Services

Move Management

Our service includes pre-move management meetings, employee seminars, project management team, and an extensive move plan detailing every aspect of a commercial move.


We not only provide all of the materials you’ll need to pack, like crates, bubble wrap and tape, but also can do it for you.
Disconnect/Reconnect – Our technology team is certified in disconnect/reconnect as well as wire management processes.


Our team will arrange a complete storage/warehousing plan including transportation and a comprehensive inventory package in a secure, temperature controlled, sprinklered, alarmed, video enhanced, state-of-the-art warehouse.


We have established partnerships with several liquidation companies to get your company the maximum return for your discarded furniture. We also have partnerships to recycle, re-use or make charitable donations.

Distribution Services

Our warehouses and processes are designed for receiving new product, inventory confirmation, storage, and delivering product when construction is completed. We just finished two projects where major companies relied on our distribution abilities.


We handle new installations, reconfigurations and office space planning services, whether it be 1 workstation or 100. If your needs include regular or on-going support, our team is here for you.

Green Processes

We not only have partnerships with re-use companies and charities to ensure minimum landfill requirements, but also offer LEED certification, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability. Additionally, we own plastic crates to replace cardboard boxes and all cardboard that has to be used is recycled. Our trucks are large Club Cabs which often eliminates the need for a second vehicle, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

Advice for Your Commercial Move

If you are a facility or an office manager and have been tasked with running your company’s move, the best advice you will ever get is don’t do it by yourself!

First, create two teams: an internal company team and an external vendor team.

Your internal team should consist of department heads, decision makers, a representative from IT and any other employee that you deem necessary for a successful move. Decisions regarding packing responsibilities, IT disconnect/reconnect, common area assignments, seating assignments, furniture placement and many more are best made in a group environment.

Your external team should involve all vendors associated with your move such as a moving company, a furniture company, an installation company, the liquidator, etc. When interviewing these vendors, ensure that they will meet with you on a regular basis to formulate detailed schedules that produce an efficient workflow for your move. We are one stop shopping at American Moving and can coordinate all the services necessary for a successful move!

Next, conduct weekly move committee meetings well in advance of the move in order to ensure that no task has been missed which could jeopardize a successful move. As move day approaches, you will be overwhelmed with tasks and the more you can accomplish pre-move, the smoother your move will be.
Bottom line, formulating a team that has a can-do attitude is crucial to your move success!

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