Whether you are expanding your business, opening up another location, or moving buildings, moving an entire business is not for the faint of heart. With so many moving pieces, the process of getting all the essential items to the new location for your business can be daunting and overwhelming. Stress levels are often even higher when expensive technology, like computers, needs to be moved from one location to the next. Computers are expensive and delicate. If you are not careful, a commercial move could end up costing you and your business if the computers or other technology you use to operate are damaged. That is why it is important that you contact experienced computer movers in Boston, Massachusetts. 

American Moving & Installation is a woman-owned, union commercial moving company that acts as a one-stop shop for clients looking to make their company’s move as easy as possible. With over 60 years of collective experience, we are skilled in safely moving computers and other valuable technology for businesses.

How to Keep Computers and Electronics Safe During a Move

Many businesses operate most of the daily tasks through computers and other technology. Because of this, it is crucial that when a move occurs, the computers and electronics are transported carefully to eliminate the possibility of these items breaking and having to be replaced. The following tips will help ensure that your business’s technology will reach your destination in perfect condition:

Minimize Movement

Many people assume that computers are most commonly damaged during a move when a box or container containing the technology is dropped. However, that is not always the case. In fact, the most damage typically occurs when small movements within the box or container occur, causing the computer to be pushed up against something or be crushed by another item that has shifted. Computers should be packed using packing paper and bubble wrap to fill empty space and minimize movement that may occur during transit. 

Cushioned Padding

Computers and other valuable electronics should be packed with inflatable or cushioned padding to prevent delicate screens from cracking or other small pieces from being broken. 

Disassemble Large Electronics

If an item can be taken apart, do not try to pack it whole. The item should be disassembled and packed separately. You can take photos of the item to help with re-assembly later. 

Keep Parts Organized

Be sure to label different parts of the electronics you have disassembled. This can be done by labeling boxes, containers, or bags that contain different pieces of a particular computer or other piece of technology. 

Be Sure Boxes and Containers are Securely Closed

It is better to use too much tape rather than not enough. To further prevent any computers from moving or falling out during transit, be sure all boxes are securely closed. 

What are the Benefits of Hiring Boston Computer Movers?

If your business is moving to a new location, the process of getting all of your valuable computers and electronics from one place to the next can be overwhelming. The following benefits make the choice to hire a Boston computer mover team an easy one:

  • Provide needed packing materials
  • Experience handling valuable electronics
  • Safety and security guarantee
  • Save you and your employees time and effort
  • Transportation services

Before you start the process of packing and moving your business computers on your own, consider hiring a team of experienced Boston computer movers who can make the moving process stress-free. 

Contact Experienced Boston Computer Movers

Moving a business to a new location can be overwhelming. That is why it is important to let go of that stress and get a team of skilled commercial movers with experience moving computers to help you and your business.

American Moving & Installation is a women-owned commercial moving company with over 60 years of collective experience helping clients in the Boston area. Our company is a union, and certified women-owned partnership nationwide business that prides ourselves on providing the trusted service our clients deserve. To schedule a service with our skilled team of movers, contact us here or call (781) 878-8000.

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