Solutions For Your Boston Commercial Warehousing and Storage Needs

We are more than just office movers! American Moving & Installation Inc. can also accommodate your Boston and Cambridge commercial warehousing and storage needs. We have warehousing storage for long-term lease, warehouse space for short-term rental, as well as commercial space for seasonal or special projects. Our 82,500 sq. ft. warehouse space is conveniently located in Hanover, MA, just south of the Boston and Cambridge metro area.

With over 10 years of commercial move and installation experience, American Moving & Installation has a proven track record in providing exceptional service. We are the only certified 100% woman-owned, union company in the state of Massachusetts and our mission is to provide the best commercial move, commercial storage and installation services in the greater Boston area.

Our Boston commercial storage and warehousing team will arrange a complete storage and warehousing plan, including transportation, with a comprehensive inventory package where your items will be safely stored in a secure, temperature-controlled, sprinklered, alarmed, video-enhanced, state-of-the-art warehouse.

American Moving & Installation is a fantastic company to work with.  From the beginning to the end of our experience with them they were very professional and easy to communicate with.  They offered immediate correspondence when we had shipments delivered to their warehouse and provided prompt updates to us throughout the receiving process.  While onsite during installations, they communicated well with the team, were efficient with their work and very respectful.

Stephanie, Senior Project Manager, Faulkner Design Group

What you can expect:

  • 24-hour video surveillance

  • Alarm system for theft and fire

  • Sprinkler systems

  • Temperature controlled

  • Digital imaging options

  • Long-term or short-term contracts

  • Inventory control

  • Receiving

  • Liquidation of surplus furniture and equipment

  • Disposal of trash

  • Option to donate excess items to charity

Warehouse Electrostatic Disinfecting

In addition to our regular cleaning and disinfecting protocols in the warehouse, we are also using an electrostatic handheld sprayer. This technology provides an electrical charge to the solution, so it essentially wraps around the surfaces (whether vertical, underneath or shadowed) being sprayed.

In addition to doing an excellent job disinfecting surfaces, electrostatic system is an eco-friendly piece of equipment–using up to 65% less spray per square foot and because it is a touchless application, reduces the risk of cross contamination.

Distribution Services

As part of our one-stop shopping, we are also proud to offer distribution services as part of our warehousing package.  Our processes are designed for receiving new product, inventory confirmation, storage, delivery, and installation of product.

Our warehouse is organized, well-maintained and secure.  Additionally, we have established a COVID-19 disinfecting protocol to ensure that all items are sanitized after use.

With the ongoing pandemic, many businesses are reconfiguring their workspaces to adhere to social distancing guidelines, storing extra furniture or downsizing to smaller spaces to accommodate those employees who are working from home. As an essential business, we’ve been operating throughout the pandemic and have protocols in place to keep our customers and employees safe, including a pre-assignment wellness screening, limiting capacity in fleet vehicles, sanitizing and disinfecting, and have updated our policies in accordance with recommendations from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Centers for Disease Control. Let our Boston and Cambridge commercial warehousing experts use our experience to help your office with your move, installations, or warehouse storage needs!

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