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    100% Woman-Owned
    Union Commercial Moving Company

    Headquarters & Warehouse
    100 Wearguard Drive
    (for GPS directions use: 19 Phillips Lane)
    Hanover, MA 02339

    Mailing Address
    PO Box 2313
    Hanover, MA 02339

    ph. 781-878-8000
    fax. 781-878-8799

    Key Contacts

    Kathleen Rowell, Founder & CEO

    Ron Thorne, General Manager

    David DeSisto, Operations

    Sian Flynn, Project Coordinator/Supervisor

    Scott Savoy, Warehouse Manager, Sales and Operations

    Efraim Melendez, Assistant Warehouse Manager/Dispatch/Supervisor

    Christie Kelley, Accounting Associate

    Valerie Clement, Accounting

    Pat Gallant, Supervisor