In the pharmaceutical industry, companies use essential equipment in their daily operations. In a Boston pharmaceutical move, facilities consist of heavy equipment, laboratory devices, office furniture, storage items, and other belongings. To successfully transition a pharmaceutical company from one space to another, you should consider various aspects regarding strategy, packing, unpacking, transporting, and settling into the new location. 

At American Moving & Installation Inc., sixty years of collective experience accompanies the exemplary storage and relocation services we provide for small to large businesses and corporations in the Boston community. If it’s time to relocate your pharmaceutical business, considering all the essential aspects of a successful move and partnering with a reliable woman-owned, union, the commercial moving company may help you put the best foot forward. 

Considerations for Relocating a Pharmaceutical Facility 

Every company relocation differs in project needs and services based on different factors. The pharmaceutical industry includes heavy equipment, large manufacturing and development stations, and other complex setups. Understandably, owners of large pharmaceutical companies and facilities may worry about essential equipment’s safety and proper handling when planning a relocation. When hiring qualified movers, it’s important to consider all aspects of a move and partner with an experienced team that has resources and training. 

When partnering with commercial movers, consider these pharmaceutical moving solutions and essential qualities: 

  • Specialized equipment and vehicles to carefully handle and transport equipment.
  • Properly packing and storing materials to safeguard equipment, furniture, and other items.
  • Experienced relocations with large items such as freezers, refrigerators, and high-value equipment.
  • Certified IT disconnect and reconnect services to avoid delays or unnecessary downtime.
  • Clear communication, planning, move management, and insurance options. 
  • A team of experienced movers knowledgeable in handling various pharmaceutical equipment and understanding your operations. 

Tackling a pharmaceutical relocation can be complex and requires skilled strategizing for a smooth transition. Hiring a trustworthy team of movers also helps you feel at ease throughout the process. Depending on the type of manufacturing and production within a facility, there may be large quantities of heavy, sensitive, and valuable equipment and product. With many intricate details and specialized equipment in a pharmaceutical facility, seeking professional moving solutions can positively impact the process. 

How Does a Commercial Union Moving Company Complete a Pharmaceutical Relocation?

Every industry is unique in the necessities of a successful facility relocation. For pharmaceutical companies, we understand the value and importance of safeguarding your items and following through with strategic planning. If you are relocating your pharmaceutical space and all its belongings, you’ll want to plan and consider the quality of services rendered. 

At American Moving & Installation Inc., we offer services such as: 

  • Affordable and efficient commercial moving 
  • Storage facilities with safe and reliable operations 
  • Handling heavy loads throughout a move 
  • Pre-moving planning and detailed project management 
  • Packing, unpacking and supplying materials 
  • IT disconnect/reconnect and wire management
  • Around-the-clock security in storage and warehousing 
  • Workstation installation and reconfiguration services
  • LEED-certified Green processes throughout a move 
  • Specialty moving services

After your new location is determined, you’ll want to consult with a professional moving company and explore the budget and essential services necessary to transition. Whether your facility requires transporting large quantities of packaging and processing equipment or a more minor scale move, our skilled union movers are available to help you succeed. We not only value our commercial union movers but are also dedicated to the success of a business that entrusts our team with skillful moving solutions. 

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At American Moving & Installation Inc., we’re the only 100% woman-owned, union, commercial moving company in Massachusetts dedicated to serving the Boston community. With ample experience across different industries, we bring valuable and efficient service to every pharmaceutical relocation. When planning your Boston pharmaceutical move, you don’t have to forego professional moving services and struggle to find the right teams to complete your move. 

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