There are countless considerations when preparing for an office relocation. Moving a company requires a lot of work because you have to handle office equipment, furniture, and an entire workforce. Management will have their hands full while relocating the office, but there are ways to help the company throughout the moving process.

American Moving & Installation can help plan and execute your office relocation. We will provide exceptional staff and professional equipment to help ease the transition. At American Moving & Installation, our goal is to provide you with the best commercial moving and installation services in the greater Boston area.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Company for a Relocation

It’s easy to get caught up in the moving process, especially when it requires so much work and careful planning. Management, however, must keep the staff informed and updated during the transition. Relocation isn’t just hectic and challenging for those at the head of the relocation, but the company as a whole must make adjustments. The following are three tips to prepare your company for relocation in Boston:

Provide Information about the Move

Communication is vital during the relocation because it keeps everyone informed and updated about the process. You should make sure that your employees know what’s happening and assure them that moving is for their benefit and the company’s benefit. Providing a reason for the relocation is an excellent place to start. Sending notices with important dates or messages to which they might need to adhere during the relocation can help the process run smoothly.

Develop a Timeline

While moving can sometimes be done in a day, planning a move requires more time. You should consider multiple factors for a relocation. Planning a relocation can sometimes take months. While not everyone in the company will actively be part of the relocation, sending everyone a timeline of events will make everyone feel included and valued. It can be stressful not to know what’s going to happen before and after the relocation; therefore, you should keep everyone informed of the timeline.

Show Excitement for the Move

As the company owner or a member of management, you are naturally excited about a relocation. A relocation often means moving to a larger space or better location, which is positive for the business. The rest of the company, however, may experience some anxiety because of the unknowns surrounding the move. As mentioned above, a great way to relieve stress for the company is to keep things organized and keep everyone informed. Another great way to keep morale up is to share your excitement with the rest of the company.

Prepare Yourself and Your Company for an Office Relocation by Utilizing Our Complimentary 95-Point Move Checklist

It can feel daunting to prepare your company for an office relocation if you yourself don’t feel comfortable making such a shift. To ease your concerns, consider utilizing our famous 95-Point Checklist that’s intended to help you plan your next office move. This list represents what our staff have learned over 50 years of experience. To get ahold of this free guide and subscribe to our list, enter your email in the form on our website. It’s a great place to start for a successful move. Once you feel ready, it’s that much easier to inform and prepare the rest of your company for this exciting change.

American Moving & Installation Can Help Your Business Relocate in Boston

Kathleen Rowell, founder and CEO of American Moving & Installation, has introduced innovative approaches to commercial moving operations by prioritizing diversity and comprehensive training. Kathleen’s innovation sets American Moving & Installation apart from other companies in an industry dominated by multi-generation competitors. Not only does Kathleen set America apart with her innovation, but American is the only certified 100% woman-owned, union commercial moving and installation company in the state of Massachusetts. American Moving & Installation is committed to helping both small businesses, and fortune 500 companies relocate by being a one-stop-shop.

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