Keeping client information confidential and safeguarding digital assets are essential components of many businesses. If your company relies heavily on keeping client information confidential, you may be wondering how to protect this information during a corporate office move. At American Moving & Installation, our skilled movers and technology are certified to handle your technology and the information you need to protect during your move. 

Protecting Confidential Information in a Boston and Cambridge Corporate Relocation

It may seem tricky to move a company that needs ample security for its documents, archives, client information, and digital assets. Any breach of confidentiality may bring about lawsuits, loss of clients, and other adverse outcomes. Many law firms, healthcare facilities, banks and investment companies, and other corporate structures in varying industries collect and protect information for their customers or clients regularly. 

Digital and Paperwork Inventory 

When making a corporate move, start by evaluating the digital and physical copies of documents in your company’s possession to determine the quantity of confidential information you hold. Determine an effective breakdown to easily retrieve pertinent client information, business sections, and other content such as accounts. 

It may seem odd for businesses to hold onto filing cabinets and paper archives of their business dealings in a heavily digital age. However, many companies rely on paperwork back-ups and copies of essential documents to secure the services they provide and continue to help their clients beyond digital access. Organizing and gathering these documents when protecting confidential information as a business will help maintain organization for business purposes and determine what needs to be safely stored or transported to a new location. 

Discarding Unneeded Information

After organizing and determining the quantity of information at hand, it is also essential to discard unnecessary files. This can be any records that are archived, and your company is no longer required to keep a record of, or any digital and physical copies that you determine are not needed. Consolidating information may take time. However, ensuring that your confidential information is accounted for and any unnecessary documents are properly discarded will ensure the safety of the information that no longer needs to be retrieved. 

Safeguarding Information with Your Team 

Essentials of a corporate move include methods of safeguarding private documents and information. When protecting confidential information for your clients and accounts, your employees need to be aware of the relocation plan and how to handle confidential information throughout the transition. If your files and archives have a secure warehouse and commercial storage facility, notify your employees of the effective methods that you will use in the interim. Do not have your employees take information from your old location to their home or with them at the end of the day. This will ensure that confidential documents are not lost or left with a lack of security and privacy. 

Using a Secure Warehouse 

Relocating a corporate company requires planning, structure, and practical strategies for a smooth transition. Using a secure warehouse for companies with valuable information and customized business needs helps them maintain the security of their business possessions throughout the move. American Moving and Installation is a one-stop shop for businesses and corporate-scale office relocation. 

A secure warehouse unit at our facility provides security, temperature control, alarms, video surveillance, and other measures to ensure the essentials of high-quality security and storage. Our team is skilled and experienced in packing confidential items, paperwork, computers, and security equipment and safeguarding and unpacking during a transition. 

High Security and Non-disclosure Agreements during Your Corporate Move 

American Moving & Installation provides clients and their businesses protection during relocation. Upon your request, we agree to a non-disclosure agreement that ensures a mutual understanding of the confidentiality needs of your business. Our moving contracts are used to structure the services we are providing and what is expected throughout the agreement terms. 

Our services for companies with high-security technology are available no matter the size of the company or the quantity of information at hand. Professional movers, warehouse members, and a technology team at our woman-owned company are skilled in protecting your belongings, especially confidential information. 

Secure Your Client Confidential Information at an American Moving & Installation Warehouse 

Securing confidential information during a corporate move is essential to the success and growth of your business. If it is time for your corporate office to relocate, entrusting American Moving & Installation with your needs will help you go through the transition with ease. We understand the importance of protecting your business information and your clients. With over 60 years of collective experience, our commercial moving union company is readily available to help your business. Contact us through our contact form or give us a call at (781) 878-8000 to speak to our team about your corporate relocation.