Businesses go through various changes as they grow and progress in their industry. A standard change is relocating to a new location or office space. When these changes occur, many business owners and company leaders can feel the pressure and stress of a safe and efficient commercial move. Understandably, there are essential aspects to consider when seeking a professional moving company to help. 

Extra care is necessary to ensure a smooth transition depending on the industry and everyday furniture or specialty items a company uses. With a commercial moving union company in the Boston and Cambridge area, you’ll feel at ease and organized throughout your company move. As a certified woman-owned enterprise, American Moving & Installation Inc. takes pride in providing professional and safe commercial moving services with our well-trained union movers. 

The Benefits of Hiring Union Movers 

Regardless of the size of your company, it’s understandable to be concerned about how your movers will handle your furniture and expensive equipment throughout the moving process. Companies with unionized workers offer advantages to those employed and the customers and clients they help. If it’s time to relocate your business office, consider moving with a team of unionized movers. 

Benefits of hiring unionized movers include: 

  • Unionized employees are valued and not overworked 
  • Companies with a union properly train their employees
  • Unionized workers have benefits and employment protection 
  • Union companies and workers are certified, trained, and well-equipped
  • Continued training and job performance evaluation 
  • Unions protect employees from inadequate working conditions 
  • Companies with unions have employees with higher work ethic 
  • Shared responsibility and accountability in an experienced company 

Many people face challenges while moving, especially in strategizing and planning. Having an experienced commercial moving union company within the Greater Boston area to help you plan and execute a successful move from beginning to end will help you feel at ease and progress through the transition. While complex and large or bulky furniture may make moving more challenging, our experienced and diverse union movers from our one-stop-shop moving company may give you the support your business needs. 

How Do AMI’s Professional Union Movers Keep My Belongings Safe?

Office spaces typically have large, heavy, or bulky furniture and equipment. An advantage of hiring professional movers is that your team and employees won’t be stressed or harmed by trying to lift, carry, and move your office belongings. Our professional movers are trained and experienced in navigating office buildings and using the proper equipment to move furniture. 

Additionally, specialty moving services for businesses such as hotels, healthcare offices, and labs reduce the stress and risk of injury for employees or damaged belongings during a move. Items that are harder to move are at a greater risk for damage if not handled properly throughout the transition. During the planning phase, noting the size, dimension, weight, and quantity of large items improves the preparation period for moving day. As experienced union movers, our team values the importance of caring for and adequately handling furniture, office tables, chairs, printers, copy machines, and other customer belongings. 

Do I Need Insurance for My Company Relocation?

For business offices that have extensive equipment and furniture among their belongings, it is not uncommon to think about insurance options during relocation. In a commercial move, you’ll consider product liability coverage and certificates of insurance. Many states require movers to provide a minimum amount of product coverage, although additional coverage is also an option. With coverage for your move and your belongings, you can rest assured your commercial move is covered.   

Hire Our Qualified Union Movers for Your Commercial Office Move in Boston and Cambridge 

Bringing over 60 years of collective experience in commercial moves in the Boston and Cambridge area, our American Moving & Installation Inc. team is dedicated to ensuring that our client’s moving needs are affordable, professional, and efficient. We offer multiple services such as specialty moving, packing and unpacking, liquidations, disconnect and reconnect, and other moving needs, as well as a project coordinator who will be dedicated to seeing you through the process from start to finish

Our professional union movers are trained and equipped with the proper equipment and planning to safely handle your equipment, furniture, and belongings. Whether moving a small office or managing an in-depth corporate location, you can trust our certified woman-owned business enterprise to plan, manage, and complete your relocation. To speak with one of our skilled team members, complete a contact form or call us at (781) 878-8000