Communication during an office relocation is essential for companies, small and large. Regardless of your employee population, it’s essential to inform your staff of the changes and exciting improvements that are to come. While planning and preparing to relocate your office, you may wonder how you might best relay the information regarding the office move to your employees. 

With good reason, it is essential to ensure every team member is on the same page and on board with their tasks throughout the process. At American Moving & Installation Inc., our certified women-owned union company carries over 60 years of collective experience in providing superior move management and commercial office moving and installation services to the Boston and Cambridge communities. 

Communicating an Office Move to Your Employees 

Switching office spaces can bring challenges to the daily routine of successful business owners. Additionally, many companies see a change in their employee base when moving locations. In a recent study, 67% of employees faced with an office relocation found challenges including distractions, a further commute, loss of productivity, and opposition to the new location. However, 68% of employees in the same study said their office relocation positively impacted them

Ultimately, any changes can bring challenges, but when employees and staff members are kept informed, the transition period can be a smoother process t. Knowing how to communicate and what to tell your staff about an office relocation can help them through the timeline leading up to moving day.  

How to Tell Your Staff About a Boston or Cambridge Office Relocation 

As a business owner looking forward to new office space, you may be wondering how to relay what’s ahead to your staff. Emphasizing the crucial aspects of planning, delegating tasks, and giving your employees a timeline can improve the response and build an understanding of expectations during this time. 

Notify Your Employees Right Away

When deciding to move your office space, the first thing you may consider is notifying your employees as soon as your plans are solidified. This prevents short-notice changes that may interfere with professional and personal plans

Organize Team Meetings and Message Boards

When your team is involved in the relocation process, you’ll find it easier to keep your staff on the same page. Setting up meetings and message boards, whether in person or virtual, can improve employee communication while presenting tasks that need to be completed before and during your company moving day. 

Build a Relocation Team and Delegate Tasks 

Building a team for your moving necessities may improve company productivity and efficiency during the transition. When each team member is given tasks and is aware of their role in the process, they’ll remain informed and engaged with the company goals. 

Emphasize the Logistics and Ease of the Transition

Any changes can be taxing on an individual, and commercial office relocations are no exception. Although, emphasizing the organization and planning within the move can help your staff feel at ease. At American Moving & Installation Inc., our services ensure success for our clients and their employees. 

Communicate Any Office Closures and Downtime

When looking forward to what’s ahead in office relocation, it is vital to consider any office closure dates and necessary downtime. Your staff will benefit from a timeline with set milestones and expected changes with technology, office procedures, and how they may complete their responsibilities. An experienced commercial moving union company can provide the ease you and your staff need while moving locations. 

Tell Your Staff About the New Office Plan 

Moving to a new location, you’ll want to give your employees a floor plan or idea. This helps them visualize the space and where they can expect to place their belongings. Additionally, moving to a new office typically provides a fresh start, more comfort, and visualized growth for a company. 

Build Excitement for the Future and the New Location 

Although it requires planning, relocating can be exciting. Your new office location can provide a different environment and culture for your staff, and keeping them informed of the future company goals can build excitement. Your employees can feel motivated and comfortable when looking forward to the new space. 

Leave Room for Questions and Employee Concerns 

Effective communication between staff and team members in leadership contributes to a successful relocation. It is not uncommon for employees to have questions or concerns about office relocation. Leaving room for questions or any concerns that may come up allows every team member to be involved and stay informed.

Hire American Moving & Installation Inc. to Manage and Plan Your Company Office Relocation

With a skilled commercial moving union company that’s a one-stop shop for handling your essential moving and installation needs, you won’t feel alone transitioning your company to a new location. At American Moving & Installation Inc., we have all the in-house services you need for packing, unpacking, and installing your company’s belongings as well as a project coordinator who will be dedicated to seeing you through the process from start to finish. 

Moving is stressful and your company’s staff members and leaders will find the process nearly seamless, as we handle the bulk of your business moving needs. We are certified as a Women Business Enterprise with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Supplier Diversity Office through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and awarded Statewide Contract FAC 96. To speak with our woman-owned commercial moving union company regarding your Boston and Cambridge office relocation, complete our contact form or give us a call at (781) 878-8000.