Moving a business’ headquarters can open ample opportunities when expanding and broadening a pharmaceutical company’s operations. Many companies often need large machinery, equipment, tools, office space furniture, and other belongings to complete their daily tasks and services. A company within the healthcare industry also uniquely requires packing, unpacking, and transitioning a wide variety of valuable belongings within a facility to relocate. By partnering with a reliable and industry-knowledgeable moving company, many businesses and corporations transition seamlessly from one space to another.

In 2019, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals relocated their headquarters from Cambridge to Boston, Massachusetts. Our experienced commercial union moving company, American Moving & Installation Inc. helps companies like Ironwood Pharmaceuticals with reliable and experienced movers. Regardless of your company’s size or the relocation scale, we’re dedicated and equipped to help complete successful company relocations.

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals Transitioned From Cambridge to Boston, Massachusetts

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals is a healthcare company focused on providing imperative research for gastrointestinal diseases. While researching new and potential treatments for GI diseases, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals expanded their headquarters and relocated into their new 39,000 square feet facility in Boston, Massachusetts. Partnering with a company that supports your business’ growth and understands your industry is essential for timely planning and completing a business move.

Different changes and setbacks can arise throughout the relocation phases if tasks are not planned appropriately. For large companies with many employees and complex operations, communicating and ensuring an effective plan is in place can help limit delays or challenges. At American Moving & Installation Inc., our woman-owned commercial union moving company holds 60 years of collective experience providing exemplary relocation, storage, distribution, and warehousing services.

Our team has successfully planned, managed, and moved many companies, from small business offices to large corporations and fortune 500 companies. Regardless of the size and complexity of your industry and belongings, we work diligently to start and end a relocation on time while abiding by your budget.

American Moving & Installation Inc. Completes Healthcare Company Relocations in Massachusetts

Planning and strategically preparing for a company relocation can require varying services besides packing and unpacking. Generally, a company’s headquarters are where employees and staff manage administrative tasks, communication, and vital aspects of product or service operations. Regardless of your company size, there isn’t a task too intimidating or unmanageable with our skilled team of project managers and union movers.

At American Moving & Installation Inc., we provide solutions for:

At American Moving & Installation Inc., we are a woman-owned one-stop shop for all your moving needs. We not only value our union workers, but we also value our clients and their successful businesses. When partnering with our team, a skilled project manager remains available to you and communicates regarding progress and planning. Our entire team is committed to your relocation from beginning to end.

Considerations for Relocating a Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Company

In a healthcare setting or pharmaceutical company, there are varying types of equipment, machinery, furniture, storage spaces, and other components within offices. When planning to move and relocate these items and valuables properly, knowledge and industry experience can help your movers. With an experienced team, you may rest assured that your items are cared for and handled while we pack, transport, and unpack your belongings.

When hiring a moving company for a healthcare or pharmaceutical company relocation, consider these vital elements and solutions:

  • Partnering with a team of union movers ensures the moving company is trained, certified, and well-equipped.
  • Unionized workers are valued and reliable to complete relocations and planned labor.
  • The quality of equipment, moving trucks, packing items, and other necessary tools to safely transport your healthcare or pharmaceutical company is essential.
  • In a commercial move, product liability coverage and certificates of insurance may be helpful throughout your transition with a moving company.
  • Sustainable moving services may help you save money throughout the relocation process.
  • A one-stop-shop commercial union moving company helps you gain access to valuable services or partnerships without having to plan and coordinate on your own.

Especially in the healthcare field, our experienced team and all-female leaders at American Moving & Installation Inc. are well-versed in hospital, laboratory, healthcare, and life sciences moving projects. We are eager to help you plan, transport, and settle into your new company space, as we have successfully done for many others. Whether you’re in the early stages of planning or moving your company, our valuable team is eager to help.

What to Do When Planning to Relocate Your Company Headquarters

If you plan to move your company headquarters or corporate office, there are different challenges to overcome while strategizing. Frequently, miscommunication and poor planning contribute to loss in productivity and unrealistic budgeting for a company move. Whether your relocation is a small business office or a large-scale corporate relocation like that of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, there are a few steps to take when preparing for a successful transition.

Completing a successful relocation does not happen overnight. Understandably, healthcare and pharmaceutical companies operate on intricate details within their daily operations. In these cases, planning a relocation months in advance helps you avoid mishaps and unexpected delays or downtime.

In the months before a move, planning and completing these elements is essential:

  • Budgeting
  • Announcing the move to employees and customers
  • Designating roles and responsibilities within relocation teams
  • Set a timeline and determine a moving date
  • Create different of streamlining communication within the company
  • Begin strategizing for moving and packing
  • Consider a professional commercial union moving company to help the process

Whether you’re planning to relocate a small or large company, the beginning phases of a facility relocation are essential in laying the groundwork for success. Your employees will be relieved of strenuous work when you partner with professionals. By entrusting our skilled movers and female-led management, your business moving plan is determined with your company’s continual success in mind.

Speak With American Moving & Installation Inc. To Plan a Seamless Transition in Boston and Cambridge, MA

Every company relocation is different, and there is plenty to consider and plan for in large-scale pharmaceutical and healthcare company relocations. At American Moving & Installation Inc., we are certified as a Women Business Enterprise with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Supplier Diversity Office through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and awarded Statewide Contract FAC 96. Our management team, movers, and staff are well-trained and equipped to adhere to the level of service we continually provide.

Our company is also the only 100% woman-owned, commercial union moving company in Massachusetts, and we are eager to help your business. You don’t have to strategize a relocation on your own; we will be with you every step of the way. To schedule your free consultation and obtain a quote for your company relocation services, complete a contact form or call (781) 878-8000 to speak with our team.