Your business’ physical space is essential for your company’s growth, productivity, and culture. However, with the hustle and bustle of your daily responsibilities, it can be challenging to notice when you begin to outgrow your current space. While there is no perfect time to plan a corporate move, there are several signs you can look for to determine whether or not it is time to move your business to a new location.

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5 Signs Your Company is Ready for a Corporate Move

Whether you are growing your existing business, exploring new markets, or taking a new business from your garage to office space, a corporate relocation may be precisely what your company needs to flourish. Some signs your business is ready for a corporate move include the following:

Your Business is Growing

If you are hiring new employees and bringing in more business than ever before, it may be time for a newer, bigger space to accommodate these changes. This can help your business grow successfully and communicate a positive message to your new and existing employees and clients.

You Can’t Control the Clutter

A cluttered office space is not only visually unappealing but can also significantly impact employee morale and productivity. Unmanaged clutter can put employees in a negative headspace and make it more challenging to find the documents and supplies needed to do their jobs effectively.

The Office Layout Layout Makes Communication Difficult

If your business expanded more quickly than you could make space, you might be contending with a maze-like office structure. If employees find communication difficult because departments are spread across multiple floors and winding hallways, it may be time for a larger, more organized space.

Your Breakroom is Part Storage Closet

One of the benefits of having an office space over a work-from-home structure is culture. If your company’s needs have expanded to the point that the breakroom is used for storage, employees may find it more challenging to socialize and maintain a positive company culture. This lack of communication can lead to stress and dissatisfaction at work.

Your Lease is About to Expire

If the lease on your office space is set to expire soon, it may be the most ideal time to plan your corporate move. However, it is essential to remember that office moves can sometimes take 18 to 24 months to plan effectively. Check your lease’s expiration date well in advance to determine the best time to execute your move.

Plan Your Office Relocation with American Moving & Installation, Inc.

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