Moving requires a lot of time, money, and energy which can lead to stress and anxiety for both business owners and their staff. However, moving doesn’t have to be a stress-filled, anxiety-ridden time; after all, moving is often a time of celebration for a company. A big company move likely means expansion or a transition to a better location for the business and the staff. Here are five ways to make the moving process less stressful and more enjoyable for yourself and your staff.

5 Tips to Make a Company Move More Fun

There are many factors to consider when moving from logistics to team morale. The bigger the move, the more overwhelming and stressful it may feel. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your spirits and your employees’ spirits high throughout the process.

1. Motivate Your Staff 

Before embarking on the big company move, take the time to address your employees. Your employees are people putting in hard work for the business’ success and should be one of the first priorities during such a massive decision. While the choice to move may not lie with them, it’s beneficial to team morale to make them feel included and heard. 

Before even beginning the move, host a meeting to let your employees know what’s happening, when it’s happening, and most importantly, how it benefits them. Get your employees excited about the pending move. Let them know the perks and added advantages this move will have for them, whether that be a bigger officer or a shorter commute. These things can make a huge difference to your employees’ reaction to the move.

2. Involve Your Staff

Employees who are involved in office moves will often be more excited about the move and inclined to help out. Holding a meeting to discuss the new features in the space or getting their input on layouts or furniture pieces goes a long way in making them feel like part of the move and, more importantly, part of the company. Employees will feel more valued and listened to when you include them in the process.

3. Reward Your Staff

When employees contribute on a frequent and involved basis to the relocation, they should be rewarded for their time and effort. With their participation, they are demonstrating their value as an employee and their desire to see the company succeed. This dedication and time should be praised with awards, recognition, or other types of incentives. Employees who put this much effort into helping the company through such a stressful time encourage others to do the same and benefit the company as a whole. 

4. Celebrate the Move

Moves are a big deal! When the opportunity to expand or relocate arises, it’s always a  time to celebrate the accomplishment. The company should celebrate this milestone so everyone can take a moment and appreciate how far they’ve come as a team. Taking a moment to celebrate accomplishments is a good motivation for future endeavors and a good way to acknowledge the hard work everyone has done.

5. Hire a Commercial Moving Company

Tackling a company move is a massive endeavor that consists of many moving parts. A professional commercial moving company will have all the necessary tools needed to make sure your move is executed smoothly, effortlessly, and in a timely manner. When you work with a professional commercial moving company, you won’t have to stress about logistics and can instead focus on handling your workload and employees through the transition. 

Let American Moving & Installation Handle your Company’s Move

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