Starting a business is a massive step for many individuals who choose to leave their corporate jobs and pursue entrepreneurial ventures. Lately, there’s been an increase in women turning to entrepreneurship, but why do entrepreneurial opportunities continue to grasp the attention of so many? In the most significant workplace study about women in the 2020 workforce, around 1 in 4 women in the United States considered dropping their corporate-level position or leaving their job altogether. 

Additionally, the COVID pandemic has significantly contributed to many career-focused women changing their goals and preferred employment because of company responses and resulting burnout following economic challenges. American Moving & Installation Inc.,  the only certified 100% woman-owned commercial moving and installation union company in Massachusetts, is proud to serve Boston and Cambridge with our experienced company relocation services. 

Reasons Women Are Seeking Entrepreneurship 

Women pursuing leadership roles and starting their businesses may not be as uncommon today as many years ago. There are different reasons many women have chosen to pursue their own business with their growing industry skill set.

Gender Pay Gaps in the Workforce 

Unfortunately, gender pay gaps have remained stable in the United States over the last fifteen years. Many women earn 84% of what men make in the same industry and full-time positions. Women seek to start their businesses to control their pay rate and have better influence over their salary, hence contributing to the rising popularity of female entrepreneurship. 

Flexibility in Work-Life Balance 

Employed individuals manage their work-life balance in different ways. At times, work takes over, and sacrifices are required to maintain a job or continue gaining income. Many women in the workforce are overworked and burning out in their positions. 

However, turning to entrepreneurial ventures has allowed many business owners to better manage their schedules. Making time for families, caregiving, working, and living a healthy lifestyle may come easier when you own a company and make time management decisions. 

Advancing Leadership and Success More Quickly 

Another reason many female entrepreneurs may seek to leave their job and dedicate their time to a side business or their own company is to advance more quickly. As unequal pay rates remain stagnant, women also face gender inequality in gaining a promotion. By starting a woman-owned business, female entrepreneurs create their own goals and the ability for advancement. 

To Follow Their Passion and Goals 

Ultimately, starting and maintaining a business is not as simple as it may appear. Time, dedication, certifications, and professional development within your industry can help you become an expert in your field. Regardless of your industry, following a passion and achieving goals can navigate you toward success. Many women turn to entrepreneurship because they are passionate, goal-oriented, and growing skill sets. 

How Does Becoming a Certified Woman-Owned Company Help My Business?

Women-owned businesses have the advantage of qualifying for a certification where their company gains access to resources and programs that support women in business. Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate enterprise, there are many benefits to solidifying and credentialing your company. 

Benefits of being a certified woman-owned business include:

  • Increased visibility
  • Build and connect with a network of female business owners
  • Access to join continuing education opportunities
  • Market your company and grow your business

Many businesses lack professional and foundational knowledge that benefits leaders, clients, and employees equally. Customers and clients receive valuable expertise and exceptional services from woman-led companies that build lasting strategies and ingrain successful values into their company.

American Moving & Installation Inc. Services Company Relocations in Boston and Cambridge 

As a certified woman-owned commercial moving union company, we provide trustworthy and efficient relocation services from small business offices to large corporate structures and considerable fortune 500 companies. Through woman-led innovation, industry expertise, and a unionized team of movers, our company harbors 65 years of collective experience that spearheads the quality of our moving services in the Boston and Cambridge area. 

Notable commercial moving services that our company provides include: 

  • Furniture liquidations 
  • Commercial moving 
  • Industrial moving 
  • Hotel & Hospitality moving 
  • Distribution services 
  • Storage & Warehousing 
  • Certified disconnect & reconnect 
  • Move management 

We are certified as a Women Business Enterprise with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Supplier Diversity Office through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and awarded Statewide Contract FAC 96.

Contact Our Certified Woman-Owned Business Enterprise to Navigate Your Office Relocation 

Women make up 40% of entrepreneurs in the United States, the highest number since the 1990s. As many women-owned businesses continue to rise, women find flexibility in their work-life balance, growing opportunities without limitations, and strong entrepreneurial skills that fuel their company’s success and contribution to different communities. 

American Moving & Installation Inc. is WBE certified, ensuring quality, reliability, and professionalism in our commercial union moving services. We value our diverse and passionate workforce that brings dedication to the one-stop-shop moving services. To speak with us about your company move, complete a contact form or give us a call at (781) 878-8000