Why would you hire a union mover?  There are several reasons that a company may NEED a union mover:

  • The origin building owner or management company requires union personnel.
  • The destination building may be designated as union.
  • The building may be partially owned by union investment funds.
  • Union construction in any part of your building would most likely require union movers for trade harmony.
  • Many Boston buildings are union building and only union moving companies are allowed to do moving in these buildings.

There are several reasons that you may WANT a union mover:

  • Union movers are trained in their trade to accomplish moves efficiently.
  • Union movers spend all day, every day practicing their trade.
  • Union movers assure trade harmony.
  • Union moving companies have sufficient equipment to successfully accomplish any size move.
  • Union movers do not put temporary help on your move.

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