This relocation of 900 employees into a new corporate headquarters included 87 truckloads of furniture, fixtures and equipment and was completed on time and under budget: 

  • Moved over 800 computers 
  • Relocated entire server system 
  • Over 100 clothing racks and over 100 mannequins 
  • Packed, moved and unpacked over 450 bins of products 

I could not be happier with the performance of the move team on this project. Bob and I, as well as the Fox team, agreed after your interview during the selection process that American was the clear choice. As good of an impression that you made on us, Dave Hasenfuss, Dave DeSisto, and team strengthen it even further.

It is clear that American Movers has the integrity, culture, and attention to customer satisfaction that is embedded in the culture of New Balance Athletics.

Jim and Anne Davis were complimentary of the work done with the executive furniture and material moves. The team that packed, moved, and unpacked the Legal department files earned the trust of our staff with patience and meticulous care that only comes from experience.

Many of our associates have expressed to me that the move went remarkably well considering the amount of people and materials that were involved. I wish I could remember every name from the American team, but Matthew, Adam, Chris, John, Rick, and Pat went above and beyond for us and we very much appreciated it. For those names I didn’t remember, I won’t forget their faces and the excellent job they did for us.

Thank you for making a very difficult effort run so well. Tremendous work everyone.

Michael, Facilities Project Manager