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Whether you’re relocating your office or expanding your business, moving your large furniture can feel daunting. Your company’s possessions are an essential part of the company running smoothly. If these items are damaged and you’re left struggling to get back to work on time, your business and employees can suffer. Your furniture is also expensive and heavy, so asking employees to help move these items puts stress and pressure on unqualified movers.

With the help of professional office furniture movers in Boston, you’re able to have a stress-free move that will allow your business to get right back to work in no time. American Moving & Installation Inc. has reliable equipment and experience with moving large, odd-shaped pieces of furniture. When you have professional movers, you and your employees will not be burdened with figuring out how to transport your important and large objects.

4 Tips for Moving Office Furniture

The weight and size of your furniture can make it difficult to transport the objects in standard vans or cars. You and your employees may be able to move small boxes and office supplies, but the larger an object is, the more space it needs for safe moving. While you may not be able to move the large furniture, there are a few ways you can prepare for your professional movers or take steps to move these large items:

Empty the Drawers

From papers to forgotten pens, the number of items you have in your furniture drawers or compartments can add a lot more weight than you might think. They also can damage your furniture or other items surrounding the object when moving if the items roll around or cause a drawer to open. By emptying drawers, you’ll give you and your employees time to organize and go through items you may not need. A great way to keep all the smaller items protected is to set a separate box aside for these items.

Label Everything

Even if you know where you want each piece of furniture in the new office space, the movers will not. Making sure you distinguish what item goes where in your new office space will help speed up the moving process and make it a lot easier for your movers. Instead of having to move items around yourself, let the movers know where you want each item.

Make a Floor Plan

If you or another employee can go into the new office, it may be beneficial to create a layout and floor plan of the office and where everything will need to go. While your boxes may be labeled, it will significantly help the movers know where each item should be placed in the new office. If you have an idea of where you want specific furniture placed in the room, labeling that area with tape can make sure the movers place the items in the correct spot.

Keep Small Parts in Containers

Moving large office furniture can come with unexpected small parts. These small pieces are essential to the furniture, and you don’t want to lose them on the move. Taking them and putting them in a container specifically for these items can help make sure you have everything you need.

Your desks, conference tables, and bookshelves are all crucial pieces in your office space. They help your employees with the transition and can bring a familiar atmosphere to a new space. Having everything in the right place will get your business up and running in no time.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Office Furniture Movers in Boston

There are many ways professional office furniture movers can help transfer your items into your new office space. With years of experience handling large bulky items, office furniture movers have the skills to keep your items safe while moving efficiently. Some of the other ways office furniture movers can help your business include:

  • Professional moving equipment
  • Safe and responsible transportation
  • Movers’ insurance
  • Keeping office productivity
  • Fast settlement in your new office

When you work with professional movers, you can release the stress of transporting your large furniture. Movers can make sure that you and your employees are happy in your new space with furniture placed in the right spot.

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