Paratek Pharmaceuticals is focused on discovering and commercializing new therapeutics that treat serious and life-threatening diseases with a focus on the worldwide problems presented because of the growing antibiotic resistance. Their objective is to develop transportable solutions for patients with infectious diseases and other conditions that are difficult to treat. The work that Paratek Pharmaceuticals does is incredibly important, and everyone from the team needs to be able to focus completely on the tasks at hand.

American Moving & Installation Inc. provided the moving, storage, and installation services that Paratek Pharmaceuticals needed, giving them the freedom to focus on their important work. Our facilities and team have what it takes to address medical and tech companies’ moving and installation needs. When you work with American Moving & Installation Inc., you can be sure that you will have the services and guidance you need to focus on what’s important—your company’s productivity.

Steps to Take Before Transitioning Your Lab to a New Location

Rapidly evolving biotech, pharmaceutical, and research companies require constant organizational changes and facility resizing. However, the contact moving around of equipment, materials, and chemicals can be stressful, especially since many of these items are irreplaceable, expensive, and potentially hazardous. Planning and partnering with the right commercial moving company can go a long way in making the process less stressful. Keeping these few steps in mind when thinking about undertaking a laboratory move can help set you up for success.

1. Inventory of All Laboratory Items

Before undertaking any move, it’s important to take inventory of what you own. Having an in-depth inventory analysis gives you an understanding of the volume of material, equipment, tools, and other belongings you have. This knowledge helps you plan accordingly. It can help you assess the labor, time, and energy needed to accomplish moving your laboratory.

2. Separate and Dispose of Materials

After determining what you have, the next step to any move is to determine what needs to be thrown out. Not everything in the lab can or should make it to the new location. While it’s never easy to get rid of things during a move, it can be extremely difficult when it comes to laboratories. Laboratories often house potentially dangerous materials and chemicals that need to be handled and discarded with care. Therefore, the process of throwing things out can be more complicated and time-consuming; that’s why it’s important to start planning a laboratory move with plenty of time.

3. Build a Relocation Project Team

The team in charge of the relocation project is best when it consists of internal and external members (the professional movers) working together to plan and execute the move. Building a team ensures that there will be proper planning and coordination to complete the move. A commercial moving company will also provide a project manager that helps ensure you have the timeline, plan, and resources you need to accomplish the move with little to no hiccups.

4. Develop a Project Plan

Once a strong project team has been created, the next step is to build a comprehensive plan for the entire relocation process. The plan should encompass all aspects of the move, from routine meetings to budget allocation, timelines, metrics, and expectations. Sometimes managing expectations can be the hardest part, but that’s where the experience and skills of professional movers come in. They understand the true extent of a move and can help your team manage expectations to ensure your plan of attack is reasonable and achievable.

Special Considerations to Keep in Mind During a Laboratory Move

Proper planning when undertaking a laboratory relocation can mean the difference between a successful move and a disaster. No two laboratories are alike. They all have specific challenges that need to be approached with care. Below are some of the best practices recommended when relocating a laboratory.

  • Identify an internal team to lead the relocation process
  • Plan to have the correct cold-storage containers needed to transport items, samples, substances, or chemicals that need to be kept in specific cold temperatures
  • Work with a commercial moving company that has the experiences and resources necessary to handle sensitive equipment and materials
  • Pay attention to the chain of custody
  • Obtain the permits needed for the transportation of hazardous materials
  • Have plans in place to avoid contamination
  • Plan your travel route ahead of time
  • Document equipment specifications
  • Keep an open line of communication with everyone affected by the move
  • Comply with the requirements of GMP environments

A lab move requires a robust set of tools to ensure smooth implementation and transition. It’s vital to ensure that the movers you partner with not only have the tools necessary to undertake your move, but the trained people to handle the special and unique materials in your lab.

A typical laboratory move can take up to six months of planning, if not more, to ensure everything is done correctly. Working with a dedicated team of professional movers can minimize a move’s impact on the laboratory’s productivity. Laboratories perform important tasks and groundbreaking research, but a relocation, an expansion, or any move can be a disruption. At American Moving & Installation Inc., we are proud to help businesses and organizations plan their moves from start to finish so they can focus on keeping their work going with little to no disruption.

Plan a Stress-Free Move With American Moving & Installation Inc.

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