Deciding to relocate a company is often a big decision that takes a lot of consideration. Once the decision is made that relocation is the best choice for the company, thinking about undergoing the transition can feel daunting. There are many things to consider when relocating a company, from the company’s workload to employee morale to the actual execution of the move. 

If you’re stressing about the logistics of the move, it’s challenging to devote time to your employees and workload. Picking the right commercial moving company makes all the difference when it comes to executing a smooth and stress-free company move. With the right commercial moving company, you will be able to focus your attention on more pressing matters while professional movers take care of the rest. 

3 Qualities to Look For in a Commercial Moving Company

The commercial moving company you chose for your company move will play a vital role in the success and smooth running of your business’ relocation. At American Moving & Installation Inc., we understand the importance of a company move and the stress that business owners are under when tackling such an enormous task. Our priority is to execute your move as efficiently as possible. We will provide you with a dedicated team and materials you may need to pack and unpack your company’s furniture, equipment, and anything else that needs to be transported. When you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy moving company, it’s important to keep a lookout for:


The more experience a moving company has, the more knowledge they’ve gained to help them execute your move and meet your needs. Additionally, the more years of service they have in a particular field, the more reliable they are. American Moving & Installation Inc. has over 60 years of collective experience helping businesses of all sizes relocate their companies. The best moving companies streamline the moving process with a strong team to address the company’s specific needs.


It’s beneficial to look for a moving company with a well-established reputation. A reliable company doesn’t keep their clients waiting and provides you with excellent customer service. Additionally, they know the importance of treating your company’s belongings with care and know that it’s vital to your company’s success to execute the move within the given time frame. 

Being a One-Stop Shop

One way to streamline the moving process and save money is to work with a moving company that doesn’t use third-party companies to outsource work, but instead offers it all in-house. When companies use third-party services, it’s easy for communication to break down and costs to skyrocket. Our priority at American Moving & Installation Inc. is to make the moving process as smooth as possible for your company, which means we are proud to be a one-stop-shop commercial moving union company. Whether you need helping with electronics or installing furniture, American Moving & Installation has the in-house services to help meet all your moving needs.

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American Moving & Installation is proud to service businesses in Boston and Cambridge. We are the only certified 100% woman-owned commercial moving union and installation company in Massachusetts. Our commitment to a diverse and highly trained workforce benefits businesses because our staff understands the importance of meeting a business’ needs and ensuring the success of its moves. 

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