On a larger scale, moving a corporation or business is different from smaller moving services and requires reliable support and professionalism. Failing to consider the key elements that make a reliable moving company, you may make the mistake of missing red flags when hiring movers. 

At American Moving & Installation Inc., our woman-owned commercial moving union company services small to large businesses in completing a successful relocation. When considering moving your company or in the midst of strategic planning, remember to be attentive to common red flags when hiring a professional moving team. 

Red Flags to Be Aware of When Hiring Movers 

Looking for a good fit regarding commercial movers can create some worry for business owners. However, there are a few red flags to be aware of, which may help you avoid mistakes throughout your business move. Here are some of the red flags to spot during the moving company hiring process: 

Lacking Proper Licensure 

To operate, every moving company must abide by safety measures and licensing requirements. Lacking proper licensure and failing quality checks are red flags for moving companies. Especially for larger companies, trucks, trailers, and other equipment may be used to transport belongings. 

Movers should abide by Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations to operate safely and effectively on the road. Additionally, proper training for moving equipment, packing and unpacking, and other services are essential for the safety of a business’ items throughout a move. 

Inexperienced Moving Services 

If it’s time to hire a moving company and see your business relocation through, you’ll want to look at the experience and background of the company and its team members. Inexperienced or negligent movers often have bad reviews, hostile customer service, and a trail of lousy moving jobs. 

By researching the industry experience and successful moves provided by a business, you may determine if they are a good fit for partnering with your business relocation. Otherwise, lousy client reviews and poor service are red flags for a professional moving team.  

Communication Errors 

The epitome of any moving company is practical communication skills and strategy. With so many moving parts and team members on board, your business can benefit from a moving company that communicates honestly and timely regarding your moving plan. 

When communication errors occur, or barriers exist, it may cause your company to delay or encounter troubles when packing, unpacking, or transporting your belongings. At American Moving & Installation Inc., you can access an assigned project manager and move management services throughout a move. 

Uninsured Services 

Many companies have valuable equipment, belongings, furniture, and other items that are an investment in their business. When accidents or unforeseen circumstances affect your relocation, it’s essential to know what options are available with your hired moving company. Some states have a product liability requirement for moving companies. You may also have the option to purchase additional coverage from your movers. 

However, commercial moves benefit from having insurance riders, as the additional coverage with your company’s insurance helps you avoid haggling a claim with movers. If there aren’t any insurance options, or the movers are not knowledgeable regarding the mover’s insurance options, it may be a red flag. 

Unclear Estimates and Budgeting 

A red flag that may be easier to spot regarding moving companies is being presented with imprecise estimates and budgeting plans. If you are given an estimate that leaves you with many unanswered questions, or unclear fine print, it may be best to avoid agreeing to their policies. Having a team of honest movers who are upfront about the reality of your moving costs can help you plan and feel at ease. 

We understand the necessities of a successful move and the vital components of a moving day. Regardless of the scale of your business move or industry-related belongings, partnering with movers is essential to keep your business’ success in mind. 

Improper Disposal and Handling of Moving Supplies 

Understandably, commercial moving may become challenging when there are many boxes, furniture pieces, equipment, and other belongings to handle. Especially throughout the packing and unpacking process, it’s essential to consider the disposal and handling of boxes, excess items, documentation, and other unneeded items at a new location. 

Having an efficient and sustainable plan in place to create a smooth transition helps your company avoid disposals and other kinds of labor while settling into a new location. At American Moving & Installation Inc., furniture liquidation, green processes, and storage and warehousing are part of our movers’ valuable services.  

American Moving & Installation Inc. Services Boston and Cambridge Office Relocation Solutions 

American Moving & Installation Inc. is a woman-owned commercial moving union company in Massachusetts. Our team carries 60 years of collective experience in helping businesses complete an office move, whether small or large. We are your one-stop-shop, providing diverse suppliers, warehousing, storage, and moving services throughout Boston and Cambridge. 

Additionally, our skillful team is well-versed in handling equipment and company belongings for a range of industries. We provide continual trustworthy and vital customer service and reliable and efficient relocating solutions. To speak with our valued team members about our reliable union movers, complete a contact form or call (781) 878-8000