American Moving & Installation Inc. is proud to help companies like Sarepta Therapeutics with their moving and storage needs. Sarepta Therapeutics is a drug development and research company with facilities in Massachusetts and worldwide. They are a global biotech company focused on saving lives that rare diseases may otherwise steal. Companies like Sarepta Therapeutics need to be able to focus their energy and resources on their work. That’s why they partnered with American Moving & Installation Inc.

At American Moving & Installation Inc., we have all the services medical, tech, and laboratory facilities need when it comes to moving. We can easily pack, unpack, and install your company’s belongings in a new laboratory facility and we are dedicated to seeing you through the entire process so that you can focus on what is truly important: your work and your team.

15 Steps to Help Relocate Your Laboratory

Relocating a laboratory requires deliberate, careful, and documented steps that ensure the move will be smooth and that the laboratory items remain protected throughout the whole process. At American Moving & Installation Inc., we understand the importance of carefully planning a laboratory relocation. Our trained and experienced movers know that laboratory equipment, materials, and chemicals must be handled with the utmost care to ensure nothing is damaged and no one is hurt.

Whether expanding into a new space, renovating, moving operations, consolidating, or decommissioning a facility, a laboratory relocation can be complicated and costly with high stakes because the work is often irreplaceable. When you partner with American Moving & Installation Inc., you can feel confident that your equipment, materials, and other items are being handled and transported with the care they deserve.  American Moving & Installation Inc. can help your company with the following:

  • Planning the move / developing a project plan
  • Schedule the move
  • Creating a timeline
  • Assign a project coordinator
  • Coordinating the move in advance
  • Preparing and marking inventory in the lap
  • Identifying items that need to be discarded
  • Ensuring you have all the necessary regulatory documents
  • Handle the documentation of items
  • Packing everything accordingly
  • Ensuring the safe handling of chemicals
  • Ensuring the safe disposal of hazardous chemicals
  • Ensuring all packages are correctly labeled
  • Re-installing the lab equipment
  • Addressing any obstacles that may arise during the move

A laboratory transition requires ongoing monitoring and reassessment; that’s why it’s so beneficial to work with a commercial moving company. The project manager at American Moving & Installation Inc. can oversee the transition according to your instructions giving you the freedom and mental space to focus on the important task of your company.

The Storage and Transportation of Hazardous Chemicals

Understanding how to store and transport hazardous chemicals is essential when dealing with laboratories. If these chemicals are not properly handled, they can put people, communities, and the environment at risk. Below are the details of how to store and transport toxic chemicals to keep everyone safe.

What You Need to Know About Hazardous Chemicals

As defined by OSHA, a “hazardous chemical is any chemical that can cause a physical or health hazard.” A substance is considered hazardous if one or more of the following characteristics apply:

  • Flammable: quickly sets on fire
  • Corrosive: the gradual destruction of materials or properties due to a reaction with the environment
  • Toxic: a substance that can be poisonous or cause health effects
  • Reactive: a tendency to react chemically

Understanding the nature of hazardous chemicals is crucial to know how to handle them and transport them.

How to Store Hazardous Chemicals

There are several ways to store hazardous chemicals safely. However, there are three key factors to keep in mind:

  • Ensuring a safe design, location, and installation of storage and handling systems
  • Separating incompatible substances to prevent reactive chemicals from interacting
  • Maintaining appropriate safety signage with labels and placards

According to the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, when transporting hazardous chemicals, the following must be in place:

  • A plan for spill containment and clean-up systems
  • An emergency plan in place to deal with incidents involving the hazardous chemicals
  • The appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Easily accessible fire-fighting equipment
  • Secure chemicals from unauthorized access
  • Storage containers with a high-performance coating

Storage containers need the proper coating to prove the most cost-effective corrosion protection.

How to Transport Hazardous Chemicals

Transporting hazardous chemicals and materials is a process that must comply with strict local, state, and federal regulations. The Hazardous Materials Transportation Act is the principal federal law that regulates the transportation of hazardous materials. Its purpose is to protect against the risk to life, the environment, and property. When transporting hazardous chemicals, it’s important to:

  • Avoid transporting hazardous chemicals with food
  • Follow the dangerous goods segregation rules for carrying mixed classes of hazardous chemicals
  • Secure chemicals against movement on transportation vehicles
  • Keep a record of the substances that are being transported
  • Confirm the required signs and proper labeling
  • Have a team for emergencies
  • Include a method of corrosion control during transport

Thinking about transporting the chemicals and materials in your laboratory may seem like too much, especially if there’s the risk of someone being hurt. Fortunately, there are experienced teams who know how to plan and execute a move, even when hazardous chemicals are involved. Contact American Moving & Installation Inc. today to start planning your laboratory transition.

Plan Your Laboratory Relocation With the Help of American Moving & Installation Inc.

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