Ideal workspace preferences may range from employee to employee, but some office space set-ups promote more teamwork and productivity than others. When choosing a workspace layout for your company, you’ll want to consider the values, methods of communication, and interactions that team members share daily. Standard workplace set-ups include cubicles or open office space layouts, each bringing its pros and cons. 

How an office space is set up is important because it can affect the culture in your workplace and the way team members complete their daily tasks. At American Moving & Installation, we’re a dedicated and women-owned commercial moving union company servicing the Boston and Cambridge communities. Our services include commercial moving, warehousing, storage, and other services for your company. Continue reading to learn more about whether moving to an open office space or cubicle layout is a better fit for your business. 

How Does a Workspace Environment Affect Employees?

For many people, a chaotic and disorganized workspace can inhibit productivity and motivation when completing tasks throughout the day. Not many business owners consider how an office layout affects their employees and their company’s success, yet it is an essential element of their daily office operations. 

Below is some research data on workspace environments and employees:

  • Workers in offices with windows received 173% more daylight exposure, contributing to a healthier quality of life and stress reduction than employees in workspaces with no windows.
  • In a study aimed to determine employee satisfaction in a multi-space office, 82% of respondents were satisfied with workspace furniture and social factors attributed to self-satisfaction, a good self-perceived future workability, and good social capital. 

Every person is different, and while some may prefer an open workspace to collaborate with others, some like their own workspace to organize and concentrate in. Regardless, the layout of your office may benefit from organizational and functional design elements that are important in helping your employees succeed. 

Determining Which Office Layout Suits Your Business

Depending on your industry and your employees’ daily tasks, you’ll need an office layout that is compatible with your services and daily tasks. If your corporate office has many inbound and outbound calls, areas that accommodate answering phones without interruptions or noise volume can help productivity and reduce stress. For companies with daily meetings and in-person methods of communication, conference rooms, open workspaces, and areas of collaboration may improve the day-to-day efficiency of your office. 

Here are some things to consider when picking the best office space for your company needs:

  • Is the space large enough to accommodate employees, furniture, and equipment?
  • Does the space offer good lighting, air conditioning, and other health amenities during standard office hours, or needed after-hours?
  • What culture and environment align with our company values, goals, and employee encouragement? 
  • Does the office space encourage a good workflow throughout the day?

Three are various things to consider when deciding on office space to relocate to. Moving to a company or corporate office can be exciting for your team members, but working through significant decisions for the new area can be stressful. Two of the most common methods to set up a business office are an open space concept or standard personal cubicles. Each has its own pros and cons to consider when determining a better fit for your company.  

Pros and Cons of an Open Office Space 

Open office spaces have become more popular, especially with a rise in coworking spaces as an alternative to working directly from home or in a single office. Many companies have benefited from the open space plans that allow their employees to work alongside each other and collaborate daily. However, this unique workplace environment comes with its cons. 

  • Pro: Promotes open collaboration, motivation, teamwork, and creativity
  • Pro: Employees can change their scenery and move about the common areas
  • Pro: Flexibility amongst employees in workstations and seating arrangements 
  • Con: Introverted employees, or those that don’t work well without their own space
  • Con: Clutter or disorganization if workspaces become crowded
  • Con: Distractions in an open office space and a lack of privacy

Open spaces give employers flexibility when selecting an office because it lessens the concerns of fitting desks, excessive furniture, and equipment. This type of office space will benefit marketing agencies, non-profits, start-ups, technology companies, and other industries that thrive on collaboration and teamwork. 

Pros and Cons of a Cubicle Set-up 

Cubicles have been a standard office layout for many years, evolving with positive and negative elements. Depending on your company’s services and needs, private cubicles may offer the benefits and culture your employees need. 

  • Pro: Privacy and security during communication with other employees and clients 
  • Pro: Personalized office space, organization, and creativity amongst employees
  • Pro: Noise reduction throughout the office 
  • Con: Less teamwork and interaction opportunities
  • Con: More furniture and set-up costs to accommodate all employees
  • Con: Visual barriers from separators and make-shift walls 

Standard office set-ups offer many companies’ routines and daily traditions that work well. When moving into a cubicle-spaced office, one thing to consider is the layout and organization plan from one location to another. Businesses such as banks, accounting firms, law firms, and others may benefit from this layout because of the needed privacy and security in their interactions with clients and other employees. 

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