So often, people talk about the importance of diversity with gender and race being the most discussed aspects.  Now, more than ever, women are taking on vital roles in the corporate world with studies showing that companies with women in leadership positions perform better.  One of the easiest ways to show the business world that you are committed to embracing diversity is by doing business with women-owned businesses.

In an industry dominated by men and multi-generational companies, Kathleen Rowell, CEO, and founder of American Moving & Installation Inc., understands the importance and challenge of being a woman in business.  Kathleen has not only introduced innovative approaches to commercial moving operations but also championed new initiatives that have helped her company succeed and stand out against the competition. In addition, American Moving has a history of partnerships working with companies founded or led by women.

Benefits of Being a Women-Owned Business

Only 7% of fortune 500 companies are women-owned businesses. Supporting women-owned businesses helps promote and encourage those women who dare to pave the way in male-dominated industries. The advantages of being a women-owned business are numerous, and they include the following:

Inspire Innovation and Creativity

Being a women-owned business is an excellent way to market your company as an open-minded, accepting company that is eager to serve the community. A company made up of a diverse staff has the advantage of multiple perspectives that inspires new and creative ideas.

Shows Clients You Care about Diversity

People want to support businesses that represent them and show they care about the community and the world. Running a women-owned company demonstrates that you care about giving everyone a seat at the table. Women were completely excluded from the corporate world for a long time, but that is no longer true.

Get a Good Return on Your Investments

If you’re another company, partnering with a women-owned business can significantly increase revenue. Research shows that you can get up to a 130% increase in your investment. Certified Women-Owned businesses can lower their companies’ overall costs by as much as 20%.

Likewise, the federal government provides tax incentives to companies that work with women-owned businesses or minority-run businesses. Additionally, tax liabilities may reduce project costs funded with federal or state grants when using a women-owned business as a supplier. Subcontracting specific services to women-owned businesses saves businesses money and improves the company’s return on investment.

Contact American Moving & Installation If You Want to Use a Women-Owned Commercial Moving Business

American Moving & Installation provides commercial moving and installation services in the greater Boston area. We are a 100% certified Women-Owned union business, innovating how we approach commercial moving operations. Our founder, Kathleen Rowell, implements the following initiatives: hand-selecting employees, developing comprehensive training programs, introducing leading-edge business processes, and establishing a customer-driven culture. We will provide you with excellent service.

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