When it comes to commercial real estate, landlords typically have the upper hand in negotiations with tenants. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned this dynamic around and given tenants more control of the commercial real estate market. With more businesses transitioning to fully remote or hybrid work schedules, more power lies in tenants’ hands.

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How COVID-19 Impacted Commercial Real Estate 

When the pandemic struck, companies transitioned to a work-from-home structure, leaving their office buildings vacant. Even after businesses began returning to the office, many companies still operate on a remote model or only work in the office for a portion of the week. These new pandemic-induced operations have resulted in businesses releasing their leases on their real estate and giving up their offices.

This shift in work structure has increased the availability of commercial spaces and decreased the amount of traffic in busy areas. With a larger supply and lower demand for commercial real estate, leverage has shifted into the hands of the tenants. Companies can take advantage of this new power dynamic as they return to the office or get new office spaces.

Ways Businesses Capitalize on the New Commercial Real Estate Market

With more commercial real estate availability, companies can take advantage of the extreme discounts on retail and workspaces. Now that they have the upper hand, businesses have made requests for the following:

  • Amenities like a gym and restaurants near the building or on the first floor of the building
  • Flexibility clauses in their lease
  • More free rent for those whose businesses are hung up on supply chain issues
  • Space in sustainable buildings
  • Funds for the tenant to improve the space

Flexibility has become a significant factor for businesses as they look for new office space because they want to protect themselves from events like the pandemic that caused their offices to shut down. With new COVID-19 variants constantly arising and construction moratoriums becoming more common, companies want to ensure their leases contain policies that allow them to extend their lease or sublease their space.

How Lease Discounts Have Changed Since the Pandemic 

When negotiating a lease, tenants often try to lower the price as much as the landlord allows before they sign. Before the pandemic, businesses could expect up to a 10% discount on their lease. Thanks to the pandemic, tenants can achieve even larger discounts due to the large availability of office space. 

Now, tenants can negotiate for 20% discounts on their leases and may even achieve 25% discounts depending on the following factors:

  • The real estate market
  • The location of the space
  • The tenant’s credit

The pandemic has allowed tenants to have much more wiggle room in their leases as they are now potentially able to afford workspaces they wouldn’t have before. Where landlords used to have more control over the discounts tenants could receive, now the tenants have the upper hand in these negotiations.

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