Moving can be chaotic without careful planning and organization. An office move can be even more stressful because you have to worry about company equipment and belongings. Maintaining the security and safety of company items is vital to a corporate move. The protection of those items while being transported is the top priority.

American Moving & Installation is a commercial moving company with the skillset, staff, and equipment to help small business owners and fortune 500 companies relocate. We understand the importance of securing and protecting company equipment. American Moving & Installation can help businesses package their belongings so that they’re safe throughout the entire moving process.

5 Tips for Packing Office Equipment

Moving a business is never easy, even if the business is small. A business move involves handling bulky and heavy equipment, endless supplies, and essential paperwork. Moving can appear overwhelming when viewed as one big task, but breaking it down into smaller steps can make it less stressful and ensure a smooth transition. The following are five tips for packing office equipment for moving your business:

Sort and Organize Early

An office can contain a multitude of supplies, furniture, and other objects needed for the business. While sorting through each item can feel tasking, the organization will help when packing and unpacking. Sorting and organizing also allows companies to get rid of clutter they have stored for far too long.

Have Categories

While you sort, it’s helpful to place objects into categories. Categories will help keep similar items together while keeping everything organized. Some categories you might consider using are:

  • Documents
  • Fragile items
  • Decorations
  • Electronics
  • Furniture

These categories can help determine what should be packed first and what can wait. You also can use the categories to determine what kind and how much packing supplies to have on hand. Once everything has a category, you can pack accordingly. When you arrive at the new location, everything will already have an assigned place.

Make an Inventory List

The last thing you want during a big office move is to lose track of things. An inventory list will document everything and provide you with a checklist on moving day. The list should contain all supplies, equipment, and other items you have on the premises.

Label Everything

A well-documented inventory list organized by categories won’t help you if nothing is labeled. Labeling every box and storage container is crucial to making sure everything is accounted for and appropriately packaged. The best way to ensure an easy unpacking process is to have boxes labeled with their contents and their designated location at the new office space.

Have the Right Packaging Supplies

The protection of office equipment, supplies, and furniture depends on them being appropriately packaged. There needs to be enough bubble wrap, packing peanuts, padded dividers, and packaging foam to protect equipment from damage while being transported.

Plan Your Office Move with American Moving & Installation

At American Moving & Installation, we specialize in moving management, packing and unpacking, certified computer disconnection and reconnection, and furniture installation/liquidation. American is a one-stop-shop prepared to help you with all of your commercial moving needs.

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