Complete Relocation Services

American Moving & Installation can handle any size relocation, from a small office to a large corporation. We will work diligently to help your company get set up on time and within budget.

Move Management

Our service includes pre-move management meetings, employee seminars, project management team, and an extensive move plan detailing every aspect of a commercial move.

Commercial Move Experience

We have extensive experience in every type of commercial move including office moves (external and internal), lab moves, higher education, healthcare, Hotel/Hospitality, libraries, liquidations, and distribution services.


American has just completed one of the largest hotel projects ever accomplished in our area (641 rooms). We brought the project in on time and within budget.

Distribution Services

Our warehouses and processes are designed for receiving new product, inventory confirmation, storage, and delivering product when construction is completed. We just finished two projects where major companies relied on our distribution abilities.

Storage & Warehouse

Our team will arrange a complete storage/warehousing plan including transportation and a comprehensive inventory package in a secure, temperature controlled, sprinklered, alarmed, video enhanced, state-of-the-art warehouse.


We have established partnerships with several liquidation companies to get your company the maximum return for your discarded furniture. We also have partnerships to recycle, re-use or make charitable donations.


Our technology team is certified in disconnect/reconnect as well as wire management processes.

Green Processes

We not only have partnerships with re-use companies and charities to ensure minimum landfill requirements, but also offer LEED certification, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability. Additionally, we own plastic crates to replace cardboard boxes and all cardboard that has to be used is recycled. Our trucks are large Club Cabs which often eliminates the need for a second vehicle, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

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