When it comes time to relocate an expanding pharmaceutical company, there is plenty to consider and strategize. American Moving & Installation Inc., has helped companies like Vertex Pharmaceuticals complete a comprehensive corporate relocation.

At American Moving & Installation Inc., our union commercial moving company services the Boston and Cambridge area with small to large company relocations. Our reliable union movers have ample knowledge and resources to care for and transition your company belongings. Regardless of where you are in the process of changing locations for your headquarters, considering the valuable offerings of our relocation, storage, warehousing, and distribution services may help you achieve your company goals in a moving plan.

Completing Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Company Moves

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies can benefit from a company relocation to expand or grow their offerings. Vertex Pharmaceuticals is a global biotech company researching and creating medications for severe illnesses. Companies like Vertex Pharmaceuticals can benefit from expanding their location as they will retain more room for company growth and opportunities for scientific research and innovation.

At American Moving & Installation Inc., our woman-owned, union, commercial moving company is committed to providing the best commercial moving and installation services within Massachusetts. Our team of movers is well-versed in portraying an exemplary standard of service.

When planning your move, it is essential to consider all the aspects necessary for a successful relocation for your specific company needs. With a project manager leading your company relocation, you may feel more at ease throughout the process. We value our clients and work to help their businesses succeed by relocating their belongings. No two moving projects are the same, and our team is experienced in completing various small to large commercial relocations across different industries.

American Moving & Installation Inc. May Help You Relocate Your Pharmaceutical Company Headquarters

Our diverse team has sixty years of collective experience helping healthcare, laboratory, life science, and pharmaceutical companies relocate. By hiring a team of union movers, our clients benefit from the ease and reliability of our moving and storage solutions. Partnering with our team not only helps you retain exemplary moving services but also diversifies your suppliers.

Services we provide at American Moving & Installation Inc.:

  • Commercial moving services
  • Hotel/Hospitality moving projects
  • Industrial moves
  • Storage and warehousing
  • Distribution services
  • Move management
  • Liquidations
  • IT reconnect/disconnect
  • Green moving processes

American Moving & Installation Inc. is a one-stop shop for various moving, storage, and installation solutions. Our services’ quality and reliability have helped us retain 100% of our clients. Whether your headquarters or corporate office requires furniture installation, moving and transportation of bulky and valuable items, or other specialty moving solutions, we have the resources to help.

What to Consider When Planning a Successful Pharmaceutical Company Relocation

For a large corporation or headquarters relocation, there is often more to consider besides safely packing and unpacking your company belongings. Depending on the size of your company and varying aspects of healthcare and laboratory equipment, various moving and installation services may help you transition successfully.

When hiring a team of movers for your pharmaceutical company, consider the following valuable aspects of a union commercial moving company:

  • A reliable and certified moving team with appropriate trucking, moving, and professional certifications to complete the services rendered.
  • Union movers entirely transition your office space and add cohesiveness to any labor in cases where union workers provide industry services in the building.
  • Movers are appropriately trained and equipped to handle your equipment, furniture, and other belongings.
  • A unionized team of movers are reliable, work as a team, and are valued employees.
  • Hiring a certified woman-owned union commercial moving company adds supplier diversity to your business partnerships.
  • A one-stop-shop commercial union moving company facilitates and provides all your planning and moving services.

In Massachusetts, our unionized movers and female-led moving business have helped many companies within the pharmaceutical industry while skillfully organizing and providing the services to complete a safe relocation. We understand the sensitivity and complexity of transitioning large and valuable pharmaceutical equipment and machinery. Our trustworthy movers are well-versed in operating tools, trucks, moving equipment, and packing materials to secure your company belongings.

Steps to Take During the Planning Phases of a Company Relocation in Boston and Cambridge

Relocating a business does not happen overnight, and there are plenty of steps to take when properly preparing your business for a transition. While moving can impact a business in various ways, such as through loss of productivity or employee turnover, you may avoid the adverse effects of an unplanned transition by strategically planning the move.

Steps you can take to limit obstacles when creating a business relocation plan:

  1. Determine a new location
  2. Set a reasonable timeline with a moving date
  3. Create a budget for all your relocation expenses and necessary services
  4. Take an inventory of all your belongings
  5. Consider a free consultation with an experienced union commercial moving company
  6. Communicate with your team and staff about the planned relocation
  7. Create streamlined methods of communication for your staff regarding the relocation
  8. Assign roles and teams along task deadlines for the move
  9. Create workflow strategies for the duration of the move
  10. Leave room for questions and concerns

Based on your healthcare or pharmaceutical business size, partnering with an experienced team of movers may alleviate some of the stress and error that can result from independent planning in large moving projects. We have all the in-house services you need for packing, unpacking, and installing your company’s belongings. We also provide a project coordinator dedicated to seeing you through the process from start to finish.

Our Diverse Union Movers at American Moving & Installation Inc. May Help You Achieve Your Pharmaceutical Company Relocation Goals

At American Moving & Installation Inc., we work diligently to facilitate and complete a company relocation successfully. We are the only 100% woman-owned, union, commercial moving company in Massachusetts. Regardless of your industry, company size, and other factors in moving projects, our move management services may benefit your company during an office relocation.

We are certified as a Women Business Enterprise with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Supplier Diversity Office through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and awarded Statewide Contract FAC 96. Our previous clients across varying industries have seamlessly transitioned to a new location with our services. When planning your pharmaceutical company relocation, consider our services and contact us by completing a contact form or calling (781) 878-8000 to schedule a free consultation.