While many businesses are moving their essential documents to the cloud, physical documents are still used and referenced daily by companies across Massachusetts. Unfortunately, physical documents can take up a massive amount of space and become easily lost and disorganized. If your company utilizes essential physical documents, it is critical to have a storage system in place to protect secure information for your business and customers.

At American Moving & Installation, Inc., our union commercial movers offer full-service storage and warehousing services in Boston, Cambridge, and the surrounding areas. Our business is Massachusetts’s only certified, 100% woman-owned union commercial moving company. We are ready to use our 60 years of combined experience to help you find a document storage solution that is right for you and your business.

5 Reasons Your Company Should Consider Document Storage

Document storage can provide several advantages for businesses, large and small. Even if your company’s documentation system is moving to an online platform, physical documents and organized, dedicated storage can provide valuable backups in the event of technical problems. A few more of the many ways document storage can benefit your business include the following:

Saving Space and Money

Physical documents can take up valuable square footage, creating clutter and increasing your need for a larger office space. However, larger office spaces can be significantly more expensive than dedicated document storage. When you partner with an experienced union commercial moving and storage company, you only pay for what you need to store, cutting your overall costs and office space needs.

Increased Security

Often, businesses store documents with sensitive information about employees, clients, and intellectual properties. Storing your essential documents in a facility with 24/7 surveillance can increase security and ensure even your most confidential documents are protected and secure.

Climate Controlled Storage

One of the best ways to keep your company’s essential documents in mint condition is to choose a facility that is climate controlled. Additionally, most dedicated storage facilities have pest control services to ensure your documents are not eaten away over time. At American Moving & Installation, Inc., our climate-controlled facilities also offer comprehensive fire protection to help keep your documents safe, no matter the circumstances.

Streamlined Access

Instead of being in filing cabinets across your office, document storage allows you to have all of your documents organized in one place. Having your documents organized in a secure location can help you and your employees find what they need quickly and efficiently. At American Moving & Installation Inc., our facilities also offer digital imaging options for you to access documents quickly and easily without traveling to the facility.

Increased Productivity

Poorly managed documents can create clutter and disorganization in your office space. Clutter can overwhelm your mind with stimuli, making it harder to concentrate on daily tasks and projects. Removing disorganized filing systems and paper trays from your office can help refocus your employees on meaningful work.

Entrust Your Document Storage to American Moving & Installation, Inc.

If your business needs a new home for its most vital documents, look no further than American Moving & Installation, Inc.. Our storage facilities offer 24/7 surveillance, a climate-controlled environment, and digital imaging services to cater to your unique storage needs. We are certified as a Women Business Enterprise with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Supplier Diversity Office through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and awarded Statewide Contract FAC 96. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your storage needs, call us at (781) 878-8000 or complete our online contact form today.