Looking for a reliable moving company may not be simple, as many attributes make a great team of dedicated movers. Our woman-owned enterprise, American Moving & Installation Inc., provides vital services for successful commercial relocations in Boston and Cambridge. One of our advantageous qualities is that we value and professionally train our employees through our union. 

We are also certified as a Women Business Enterprise with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) and the Supplier Diversity Office through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and awarded Statewide Contract FAC 96. When you’re looking for the best solutions in your company office relocation, consider the benefits of hiring union movers. 

Why Should I Hire a Commercial Moving Union Company in Boston and Cambridge? 

Hiring union workers ensures that the team you are hiring is treated fairly and is well-trained in the services you seek. Additionally, hiring union workers may be required by the building or property if it was built by a union crew. The rule of thumb is that it will be maintained by union workers, which includes activities such as moving. Commercial moving often requires difficult tasks such as handling furniture and equipment of varying weight, technological disconnect and reconnection, proper loading and unloading, and other industry-specific necessities for relocation. 

Though many people may not think about it often, the care and value that employers exhibit for their staff play a prominent role in how they can provide the best services possible. When union workers are supported across varying industries, the quality and efficiency of varying trades positively impact corporate structures within a community. By hiring a commercial moving union company, you contribute to the importance of quality and work ethic in the industry. 

6 Benefits of Hiring Union Movers From American Moving & Installation Inc. 

Nonunion workers don’t share the valuable benefits of unionized employees. There are substantial differences throughout many industries in the United States regarding the success of businesses and union or nonunion workers. Below are a few benefits of hiring union movers in Boston & Cambridge. 

1. Unions Protect Their Employees

As it relates to the workplace, union memberships secure favorable working conditions for employees. Wages, safe working conditions, benefits, regular workdays, and other benefits are protected in a union that works to negotiate and protect employees’ rights. Recent Bureaus of Labor Statistics addressed that nonunion workers had median weekly earnings that were 83 percent of earnings for unionized workers. Additionally, unlike “at-will” employees, union workers cannot lose their employment without just cause. 

2. Better Employee Training and Growth 

In Boston and Cambridge, many businesses and companies can benefit from hiring union workers extensively trained with state-of-the-art equipment. Having the knowledge and experience of proper loading and unloading, furniture moving, safety training, and dedication to their labor, union employees provide excellent moving services. With proper training and growth opportunities, union workers find dedication to their company and clients. 

3. Improvement in Employee Productivity and Worth Ethic

An essential aspect of any company is its employee productivity and positive work ethic. With their benefits and job security, union workers are trained and provided with the resources for higher productivity and excellent customer service. Local businesses and communities benefit from unionized workers, and partnering with a unionized commercial moving company can contribute to the local economy

4. Fewer Risk Factors for Work-Related Stress

Typical risk factors for work-related stress include:

  • Strenuous work demands
  • Lack of role clarification
  • Poor support from company leadership
  • Poorly managed relationships with colleagues

There is an emphasis on positive workplace environments and a healthy balance in employee responsibility for unionized workers. At American Moving & Installation Inc., our dedicated and experienced team carries 65 years of collective experience providing the best services with our union movers and innovative leadership. 

5. Unions Help Decrease Turnover for Moving Companies 

At times, strenuous jobs and workplaces encounter high levels of turnover and instability. Unions contribute to the security of stable workplaces and an employee base. Experienced union movers solidify and preserve the efficiency and quality of a company’s services. Nonunion workers often encounter work-related hardships that decrease motivation and commitment. Recognized value and proper communication keep an employee base stable for union workers. 

6. Supports Cohesiveness of Union Work Labor in Different Industries 

When a building is constructed and maintained by union workers, choosing a commercial union moving company supports cohesiveness in industry labor. Unionized construction,  maintenance, environmental, and other necessary commercial building partners impact the quality and service within varying industries. By choosing a unionized team of movers, you support sustainable and efficient working conditions for all necessary labor in your new location. 

Call American Moving & Installation for an Efficient Corporate Office Relocation 

Finding a reliable and experienced moving company may be troubling for companies and businesses, as there can be challenges in employee performance. At American Moving & Installation Inc., our 100% client retention rate exemplifies the excellence of our leadership and team members in providing furniture moving services, specialty moving, warehousing and storage, as well as other commercial moving needs. 

We have all the in-house services you need for packing, unpacking, and installing your company’s belongings as well as a project coordinator who will be dedicated to seeing you through the process from start to finish. We’ll be your one-stop shop for your commercial move. To speak with our skilled and professional team, complete a contact form or give us a call at (781) 878-8000